Our Classroom

OYYL is the only school in the US that promotes pure Chassidic education within an “open learning” classroom. Whereas typical frontal learning focuses on standardizing the educational process and attaining homogeneity, “open learning” is a child-centric method that focuses on the individual student’s needs. 

Therefore, our classes are small, with 12-14 students to facilitate this process. Additionally, instead of standing at the front of the classroom and lecturing to everyone at the same level, our teachers instruct their students individually or in small focus groups. These groups are based on the student’s abilities and pace of comprehension and the instructional methods that work best for them. Thus, we allow our students and teachers the utmost flexibility to be genuinely engaged in the process of learning. In addition, our child-centric approach allows our teachers the freedom to tailor-fit a suitable environment to stimulate student creativity.

Our approach also guarantees a nurturing and positive social structure between students. Since students work together in study groups, they foster a feeling of love and brotherhood. We encourage positive language and constructive behavior, thereby eliminating competitiveness and the possibility of bullying from the classroom environment.

Our student-friendly designed classrooms are colorful and bright with engaging furniture that is conducive for learning. Every component in our rooms is intended to promote a healthy and interactive classroom setting, from furniture size to placement. There are also numerous workstations for different activities, such as a place where students do desk work, a station where they can do individual work and finish their class work,  a play area, and an art center. This way our students are engaged in various ways.