Our Methods

Our teachers are constantly creating innovative teaching methods to push the boundaries of traditional pedagogy.


A teacher’s verbal and gestural communication is fundamental to their student’s learning experience. When a child feels loved, empowered, and validated through positive communication they can blossom to their full potential. At OYYL, our teachers are mindful of their words and expressions to foster a healthy educational environment, meeting their students’ needs.


Education is not only about reaching a functional level of knowledge but about building tools that support lifelong learning in areas like literacy and critical thinking. The Chabad ideal promotes free thinking and deliberating as a chassid is expected to internalize and apply abstract concepts of Hashem and not just rely on his innate belief.


Children learn the utmost through hands-on experiences. Therefore, we encourage our students to engage their senses with the world around them through touching, smelling, and listening to their surroundings. Using multisensory teaching techniques, our teachers gently facilitate children’s learning. We use these techniques across all areas of learning, including Alef-Beis, Kriya, Ksiva, Chumash, Mishna, Gemara, and Tanya.

Our methods consist of advanced artistic projects, such as drawing, sculpting, origami, clay formation. We incorporate regular field trips into our curriculum where students can visualize and interact with their studies. Encouraging children to learn in this way allows them to grow wholesomely with deep appreciation and comprehension.


We care for the whole child, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment where they can grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We believe that a child needs to be healthy in all areas so that they can truly grow, so we serve nutritious and healthy balanced meals every day.

Additionally, we promote a nurturing environment through our interactive natural garden. Children are encouraged to plant, observe, and take care of their environment. We allocate time for physical activity and music and art programs, granting a child the opportunity to be active and harness their creative spirit.