Our Psychology

Our Psychology

Instead of slapping rules and restrictions into our classrooms, our school environment fosters a natural desire to learn and behave.

Discipline may create a sense of order and simplify life for those in authority, but it doesn’t nurture a child or help them grow. 

At OYYL, our policy focuses on positive cognitive motivation to achieve our goals rather than just reward and punishment. We generate an environment so empathic that students are naturally respectful. We promote a student-teacher relationship that is so nurturing that students are naturally receptive, and we create a curriculum so engaging that students are naturally eager to learn it. The result is that a child’s experience itself becomes a reward, and there is no need for punishment or materialistic reward. 

Setting high standards for ourselves in these areas fosters students’ intrinsic curiosity for learning, and as a result, we achieve discipline through a positive and value-driven school culture.

Our generation is no longer in survival mode, as it has been many generations since the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh. In our age, as children are afforded the comforts of our society, they exhibit a desire for a deeper understanding of why we do things. To open their senses and empower them from within, we focus on their strengths instead of criticizing them. This positive psychology is not only healthier and more in tune with the needs of this generation, it is also a taste of what it is like to live with Moshiach.