Chanukah Party

Kislev 28- Dec.22


580 Crown street Shul

4:00pm ➡ greetings, Rally and 12 Pesukim!!

4:15pm ➡ MINCHA

4:30pm ➡ Public Menorah Lighting- 5th candle

4:45pm ➡ Fun 8 Activity Booths

-Doughnut Decorations

-Beewax Shamash Making

-Wood Draidle Decorations

-Make your own Lip Balm from beeswax

-Genuine Leather Chanuka Gelt Pouch

-Spinning Dredel Competition

-Hammer your own Dredel String Art

-Edible Menorah/ Menorah dot art

5:30pm ➡ Chanukah raffles with Fun Prizes!!