Menorah Lighting


Thursday- כ”ח כסליו December 2 3:00pm @ 580 Crown Street Shul

Chanukah Party you don’t want to miss!

🕒 3:00pm ➡ Greetings Rally and 12 Pesukim!!

🕞 3:30pm ➡ Public Menorah Lighting

🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯(😲 5th candle )!!

🔥 3:45pm ➡ Fun 8 Activity Booths

Doughnut Decorations 

 Beeswax Shamash Making 

Wood Dreidel Decorations 

Make your own Lip Balm from beeswax 

Genuine Leather Chanukah Gelt Pouch 

Spinning Dreidel Competition 

Hammer your own Dreidel String Art 

Edible Menorah 

4:15 ➡ Chanukah ruffle with Fun Prizes!! 🎁

Mozzarella Pizza and other  Refreshments will be served🍍🍉🍊🥃🍬🥝🍕