“For man is like the tree of the field.”

(Devarim 20:19)

The Rebbe compares a child’s development to that of a new seed. Just like the growth of a healthy and robust tree depends on its seedling’s environment, similarly, a wholesome adult is highly influenced by its childhood circumstances and interactions. That is why we must take extreme care to ensure that the growth of these precious seedlings is in a nurturing and supportive setting.

Our preschool program provides a nurturing space where a child can develop at their own pace, using their specific capabilities and skills.

We employ specific methodologies to create a space that facilitates this experience. Our techniques include focused instruction, a methodology that details specific skills and class goals, instead of general instructions, enabling us to properly assess a child’s strong and weak points. We employ language art skills that develop a student’s comprehension and capacity for the use of written and oral language. Our play-based preschool learning, Multi-Sensory centers for Parsha, Yomim Tovim, Alef-Beis, and Pre-writing skills, and our music and creative art are applied to advance the student’s shared and independent learning experiences.

We have geared our program to develop a child’s natural love and appreciation for Yiddishkeit. We focus on:

  • Appropriate play and learning skills. 
  • Stimulating logic and creativity. 
  • Building healthy self-esteem and peer interaction.  
  • Increasing and expanding focusing ability. 
  • Promoting positive self-concept.

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