What Our Proud Parents Say

Shayna Wolf

We initially enrolled our son who was just upshernish at the time because after years of Gan with 18+ students we wanted a smaller, more individual setting . He was on the shy , gentle side. He quickly became very social with his peers and LOVED his Morahs. Over time he knew all the Rebbes too. I’ve never had an experience of a child being so enthusiastic to go to school! From there , we decided to extend his relationship there for the upper grades too . And my younger children joined him! We have never looked back since! This school is the embodiment of the Rebbe’s vision .

Chana Gewirtz

We are very happy parents who currently have 3 children currently attending OYYL. We are quite pleased with the curriculum, chinuch and overall environment . There is a lot of emphasis on middos and ahavas yisrael and it truly shows at home! Everyone tells me how polite and focused my children are and I attribute a lot of this to how OYYL was established and the teachers. The teachers teach with tremendous enthusiasm and sincerity which is palpable to the students . This transfers into serious learners who serve Hashem with love. We see this in our children. The OLY is truly a family. Our children participate in weekly shabbos parties with their classmates along with monthly Rosh Chodesh rallies. We know many of the parents of the other students via our engaged monthly school meetings and we truly for the first time feel like a partner in our children’s chinuch! We couldn’t have selected a better Yeshiva. We want to add that the entire admin, support staff and teachers treat our children like their own and that is so comforting.

Ofer Shaked

My son has been learning in this school for three years. He has an amazing experience with amazing teachers. The school is very sensitive to every child and he learns a lot. He Is always happy and excited to go to school ( mooch more than his 8 siblings that go to other schools in CH). I highly recommend you try it for yourself!

Jonathan Kahanovitch

Very happy with being able to develop a parent-teacher relationship on a personal level and very happy with professionalism of entire staff.

Ben and Rena Efros

Our son Shimshon and daugher Esther love going to school/kindergarden each morning. They always come home happy and can’t wait to go the next day.

Brocha Werner

My son has been with Gan Yosef Yitzchok for three years, he has had an incredible experience there with Morah Mila and her incredible staff. I love the way they give personalized attention and know how to bring out the best in the child. My son in particular did not like to speak and Morah Mila has made him comfortable to speak in her class and with his friends.

Marves Family

My son has attended oholei Yosef Yitzchok for 2 years. I am very happy with the school, especially his morahs. They are so warm and caring. I am so amazed and happy how much my son has learned these 2 years. The projects he brings home are amazing. I hope the school continues to grow so he can spend many more years learning here.

Leah Goldshtein, MS SpEd

Why I choose OYYL: I feel that my children are building a strong and everlasting connection with the Rebbe MH”M that will stay with them for their entire lifetime and will help them to bring Moshiach Now!! Each one of my children is approached individually and with a very positive attitude! My children are learning Toiro in very fun, engaging, entertaining and hands-on ways that they so much enjoy! I know that this is the place where the talents of my children will be revealed, developed and strengthened to their best ability! Yashar Koyach and a big thank you to all the teachers and directors for their priceless input into the chinuch of my children that is really provided “al taharas hakoidesh”!!!

Malky Lipkind

I came to OYYL last May because I had no school for my child. I didn’t even know OYYL existed until that time. I am very pleased with the way the year has turned out. The teachers are wonderful and caring and there is a warm feeling as you enter the building. My son is reading Hebrew when he barely knew Aleph Beis at the start of the year. The skills taught are wonderful and meaningful! He also has a strong love for Torah and Yiddishkeit!

Sharone Schwei, MS SpEd

I am a licensed special education therapist and a mom of many. Therefore i can admit to being choosy when it came to where to put my two cherished youngest boys. Many schools suffer from three ailments: they become black holes in terms of communication between parents and staff; they fit the child into pre/established holes which stifle a child’s creativity; and they teach to the average student which leaves the gifted and disadvantaged student behind. Ohel yosef yitzchok breaks the mold by communicating frequently with parents using all methods available: phone, text, email, notes home and facebook. Sharing the ups and downs of chinuch and parenting ads immensely to a child’s rich learning experience by allowing for reciprocal discipline. For example a teacher can know why a child was cranky and vice versa in order to fix the problem. Parents can reward children for their sucesses at school and vice versa. Black hole syndrome happens when a parent has no clue what happens to a child from when they get on that bright yellow schoolbus until they get home at the end of the day. That simply does not occur at ohel yosef yitzchok. Another thing ohel yosef yitzchok excells in is fitting the currículum to the child and not the other way around. If you have seen the frustration a small child has with a shape sorter as he/she tries to put the star into a round hole you can imagine the pain of a child who just doesn’t “get it.” He/she doesn’t understand the material – not because they are mentally slow, in fact they could have a very high IQ, but because there are many ways to learn information and the teacher is only choosing to use one. In ohel yosef yitzchok every method of teaching is used until the child understands. Mila and her talented staff are always trying to create new currículum that will tailor the learning to the child. I will never forget walking into one of my older child’s classrooms and seeing that certain children were never called on. When i asked why, i was told that this teacher teaches to the middle. If there are some kids too slow to learn or too quick, which is evidenced by them allways asking questions, that isn’t her problem. I was disgusted. In special education i see kids bounced from one grade to the next without knowing basic concepts. This could not happen in ohel yosef yitzchok as mila and her talented staff care about each and every child as if they were their own. They work in tandem with the parents to make sure that no child is left behind. In ohel yosef yitzchok they excel in the three c’s as you have seen: communication, currículum building, and caring. Don’t you wish every school did?!

Chani Paneth, LCSW

There is a tremendous positive energy that one feels when walking in to Yeshivas Oholei Yosef Yitzchak. The teachers understand that the key to successfully reaching every child is to work with them as individuals. The children are taught using differentiated modalities to effectively reach and engage each child in their own unique way. The results are happy engaged children who are acquiring the building blocks of learning.

Basya Wolkenfeld

I was really impressed with the organizations presence on Facebook with pictures and regular updates. That really got me to think about putting my sons there as I like the dedication to chassidic themes that the pictures where infused with and I had a close friend who’s son was really doing well there and his Torah knowledge seemed exceptional. I like the smaller ratio of teachers to students and I really see a lot of thought and creativity goes into the art projects that mendel comes home with.

The Landa Family

We feel very lucky to have the wonderful opportunity to send our son to this incredible program at oyyl. The multi sensory approach is helping our son learn a tremendous amount, specifically in kriya. We love the small class size and the round table learning style. Our son has matured tremendously and his self image has improved greatly, due to the noncompetitive atmosphere. We are so grateful. Thank you.

Meital Khavis, MS SpEd

Every teacher in OYYL works individually with each child on a daily basis! They professionally educate, guide, and practice skills that their students need to acquire. It is possible because the staff in OYYL believes that quality is above quantity and keeps a low teacher to student ratio. Simply amazing! #2 Every student in OYYL who struggles with a certain developmental domain is approached individually. Teachers professionally pinpoint one’s weaknesses, then a corrective plan is developed and collaboratively carried over. When needed, the plan is adjusted to yield the best possible results. Then everyone, students And educators, celebrate their victories, be it academic, behavior, or social. Students in OYYL proof that “not every size fits all”.

Chaya Kahanovitch

The individual attention each of our children receive at OYYL is outstanding. The teachers’ dedication and commitment to each child’s chassidishe and overall growth is immeasurable.

Rina Boaron

What drew me to OYYL is the very calm invironmet, the personal attention every child receives and the one on one care.

Mordechai Shuchat

Our child comes home from school every day with a wealth of information. He tells us the story of the parshah or Yom Tov and he really understands what he learned. We appreciate all the effort that the teachers put in to understand the needs of each child and come up with creative learning modalities to fit the needs of every learner. Our son loves school and is happy to go every day. Morah Mila is always available to respond to every issue, large or small.


I would say that Ohelei Yosef Yitzchok has definantly benefitted my son in many great ways. First and for most the Morahs are so loving! Which is most important in my opinion because it makes a parent feel comfortable that her son is being taken care of in the best possible way. Second the chinuch. It’s a chassidishe environment which I love! It is very important now days. The Morahs really care about the child’s chinuch and growth. All in all I would like to thank ohelei Yosef yitzchok for the chinuch and growth for the past two years that they have given my son.

Amos Cohen

Despite the small facility of OYYL, the undivided attention to every child following every detail is part of the benefits a parent can only get from a combination of a small school and caring staff. The חיות and חסידישקייט of the children can be seen in the details as well as in the big picture of raising kids in times towards משיח וגאולה. Much success! יחי אדמו”ר מלך המשיח לעולם ועד

Vagan Sogomonian

There are many things I really love and admire about the school. Here are some of them. My son is happy, my son really loves the school and the teachers. My son is learning Yiddishkeit really well and making excellent progress ky”h. The school has a direction and a mission statement. The staff is professional. The amount of individual attention my son is getting is quite remarkable. And finally, perhaps most importantly the school teaches, promotes and encourages the highest level of adherence, observance and adherence of Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit, based on the directions of the Rebbe. For example, the biggest reward for the mitzvah is the mivtzah, doing emes because it’s emes, loving your fellow like yourself, etc.

Dana Pestun

OYYL appealed to us because it was a small and unique school. Every step in the educational aspect was carefully looked through. For the last 4 years that my child has been in the school, he has advanced so much in all aspects B”H. The school is following his advancement by giving him the right challenges, encouragements and strengthens his strengths. B”H my son feels genuine love to HaShem, Torah, the Rebbe and chassidus and a lot of it I can attribute to the school.