Nurtured Heart Approach® FREE Introductory Workshop

Teves 22/December 26 


FREE 2-hour workshop on ZOOM with Mila Schneiderman and Leah Goldshtein- NHA® Trainers, that will enable you to explore and get familiar with the method, and most importantly to ask questions! 

After completing this form you will receive an email with the date/time of the workshop and a ZOOM invitation. 

After this Introductory Workshop you will receive an invitation to join our highly popular NHA® INTEGRATED Workshop group with other like-minded parents and educators. 

There you can participate in weekly calls with Advance NHA® Trainers and get in-depth integrated training in the method. 

Ask the Trainer privately or in the group how to apply NHA® to your personal situation. So these concepts do not stay as an intellectual knowledge only, but are fully integrated in your day-to-day life!! 

Have full access to all the recordings. 

Have access to one-on-one sessions with Advance NHA© Trainer and much more!! 

We are confident that skills you are about to explore will positively impact your life and the life of your loved ones!!