Summer Camp

Our outstanding camp schedule allows children to interact with Yiddishkeit and their peers in an informal and fun environment.

A Journey to Lubavitch

Every summer, Machane Moshiach opens its doors to a one-of-a-kind of cultural and educational experience: a journey back in time to the city of Lubavitch. We take Preschool and Elementary aged campers on an experiential journey to visit our historical roots in Lubavitch; to encounter the lives of our Rebbeim and their Chassidim.

The Rebbe is adamant that children should not have a vacation from their Torah learning, even during the summer. Our camp enables children to have an exciting and fun summer in such a manner.

Machane Moshiach’s theme is “Shetel Life – Exploring Our Roots.”

Over the summer weeks, campers experience many fun activities that bring to life the world of yesteryear. They study the writings of the Rebbeim, with each week a different Rebbe coming to life. Together with multi-media creative projects and hands-on experiences, the children enjoy a taste of the historic shtetl roots of Chabad. They put together a 3D-model replica of the town of Lubavitch, based on the drawing of the Chassid and artist Reb Hendel Lieberman, depicting a detailed map of Lubavitch dated to the Mitteler Rebbe’s times. By using woodwork, clay, and cardboard, campers have the chance to see Lubavitch come to life before their eyes and gain an appreciation for the early period of their Chassidic heritage. Campers dive into the history of the Chabad Rabbeim and the Chassidim of their time, reflect on its stories, and engage in group discussions.

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Daily Schedule

The daily camp schedule begins with Chassidus and Davening, followed by other Torah learning–each student according to the Summer Review Booklet.

Each day, our campers learn from the Rambam’s הלכות בית הבחירה, as per the directives of the Rebbe, by studying these הלכות we build and reveal the 3rd בית המקדש.

Afterward, there are the following activities:

  • Project Lubavitch—Campers learn about רבותינו נשיאנו; each week they focus on a different Rebbe and a renown חסיד, through stories and video presentations. They also explore the history of Lubavitch and the reason why the Chabad Rebbes settled there. The children explore the town of Lubavitch, its streets and layout, and make a 3D-model town of Lubavitch.
  • The Life Of A Craftsman—To enhance the campers’ “shtetl” experience, we teach them a specific craftsman’s skills, personality, and lifestyle every week. Blacksmiths, tailors, farmers, carpenters, and bookbinders all come to life, and campers can relive the life of a craftsman. 
  • Rural Educational Trips—One of the summertime luxuries is the chance to get out of the “concrete jungle.” Trips include visiting the Queens County Farm and the Museum Village, horseback riding, peach-picking, and even a ride on an authentic train pulled by a real steam locomotive! These trips are recreational, but they also portray why Jews were eager to settle in the town of Lubavitch for its rural environment.
  • Educational Trips—We facilitate fun and hands-on learning experiences. We take our campers on trains, buses, ships, and fire engines of earlier generations, with trips to the NYC Transit Museum, South Street Seaport, Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park, and the NY Fire Museum. 
  • Unadulterated Fun—Our campers visit local parks and different water parks, the Aquarium and the Zoo, Governor’s Island via the ferry and Pier 6, together with scavenger hunts and other games.

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This mix of educational and cultural experiences creates a vibrant link between past and present, greatly enhancing an essential component in a child’s future.

OYYL is committed to providing equal opportunities for all children and offers scholarships for campers in need with the help of generous donors and foundations.

Our goal is to provide your child with a healthy, fun, and educational summer in an environment permeated with Chassidishkeit and Moshiach!

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