Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch

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OYYL kindles a child’s love for learning through hands-on individualized instruction.

Our unified staff fosters children’s resourcefulness, independence, and excitement for Yiddishkeit through a nurturing and supportive environment.

Pure Guidance of Torah and Chassidus

Our essential focus is to instill deep-seated G-dly Awareness in our students and cultivate a strong Rebbe-Chossid relationship.

Skill Development and Multisensory Learning

Our rich & engaging curriculum develops your child’s independent learning & critical thinking skills through hands-on & real-life application.

Nurturing and Supportive Environment

Our child-centric and nurturing approach facilitates students’ positive self-image, enabling them to achieve their individual GREATNESS.

We Honor Creativity and Individuality

We instill in our students a passion for learning by honoring their creativity and individuality.

Instead of a standardized system of reward and punishment, students at OYYL attain a desire to study and reach their educational goals in an environment that focuses on positive cognitive motivation. We allow freedom for every child to grow in their way through individualized rubric grading, as opposed to the standardized and generalized grading system, which fails individual students.

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What Our Proud Parents Say

Ofer Shaked

My son has been learning in this school for three years. He has an amazing experience with amazing teachers. The school is very sensitive to every child and he learns a lot. He Is always happy and excited to go to school ( mooch more than his 8 siblings that go to other schools in CH). I highly recommend you try it for yourself!

Leah Goldshtein, MS SpEd

Why I choose OYYL: I feel that my children are building a strong and everlasting connection with the Rebbe MH”M that will stay with them for their entire lifetime and will help them to bring Moshiach Now!! Each one of my children is approached individually and with a very positive attitude! My children are learning Toiro in very fun, engaging, entertaining and hands-on ways that they so much enjoy! I know that this is the place where the talents of my children will be revealed, developed and strengthened to their best ability! Yashar Koyach and a big thank you to all the teachers and directors for their priceless input into the chinuch of my children that is really provided “al taharas hakoidesh”!!!

Chani Paneth, LCSW

There is a tremendous positive energy that one feels when walking in to Yeshivas Oholei Yosef Yitzchak. The teachers understand that the key to successfully reaching every child is to work with them as individuals. The children are taught using differentiated modalities to effectively reach and engage each child in their own unique way. The results are happy engaged children who are acquiring the building blocks of learning.

Our Team

Mottel Schneiderman

Founder and Educational Director

Mila Schneiderman

Founder and Administrative Director/NHA Trainer

Sheli Atara Man

Director of Education Initiative

Leah Goldshtein

Master Preaschool Teacher/NHA Trainer

Galina Kudryavceva

Administrative Assistant

Rabbi Yehuda Cohen

Fundraising Coordinator

Rabbi Saul Klein

CVS Director

Rabbi Yisroel Kaplan

Elementary Teacher & CVS Coordinator

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gertman

Elementary Teacher

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Nachshon

Elementary Teacher

Gitta Nigri

Elementary Teacher

Talia Dombrovsky

Preschool Teacher

Chaya Banon

Preschool Teacher

Moussy Touboul

Preschool Teacher

Ruffa Gabriel

Preschool Teacher